Investment Approach

We simplify all the complicated stuff!

How we help you meet your life stage goals

We believe everyone can achieve financial security by taking advantage of the power of compounding, if they start early enough to save regularly and follow an investment plan that is suitable for them. This conviction led us to build a simple but sophisticated solution that combines the best of human advisors and great technology.

We simplify all the complicated stuff but retain the required rigour so that all you have to do is save and buy all the great companies whose products and services you love and use everyday.

We help you build a diversified portfolio to meet your goals

You tell us your financial goals and a little bit about yourself so that we can understand your circumstances. We then use this information to assess your risk tolerance, craft your personal investment plan and design your smart, diversified ‘target portfolio’.

Monitor your portfolio

Be in control of your investments 24/7 and monitor your portfolio online. Get relevant, personalised & timely advice and tips.

You choose your preferred savings plan

You can start saving from N165 daily, N1, 155 weekly or N5, 000 monthly. We recommend saving at least 10-25% of your monthly income

Portfolio management

We provide the guidance you need to rebalance your portfolio so that the risk characteristics of your portfolio remain within an acceptable range. And our team of advisors are on hand to give you unlimited advice via our in-app chat, email and phone.

Implementing your plan

Invest your savings, following a rules-based process that incorporates a lot of smart stuff that we do for you.


Withdraw funds when you need them by selling some of your investments and get proceeds straight to your bank account.

The companies/instruments that make it to our list of recommended investment all come from the categories below:

Equities: Shares of top companies in the major segments of the Nigerian Stock Market such as Financial Institutions, Industrials-cement, Breweries, Foods & Beverages, FMCG, Oil & Gas sector, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Hotels & Tourism, Real Estate & Construction, ICT & Telecomms, etc.

Treasury Bills & Bonds: FGN Treasury bills, FGN Savings and other FGN bonds; and bonds issued state governments and international organisations as well as bonds of local blue chip companies.

Real Estates: Suitable real estate companies and instruments on the Nigerian Stock Market.

Some of the many smart stuff we do for you: strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, investment strategy formulation & portfolio construction, macroeconomic analysis & outlook, industry analysis, company / security fundamental and technical analysis, capital market expectations and sector rotation analysis, security screening, selection & ranking, and dividend / interest reinvesting.