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Benefits Basic Premium
Risk Assessment
Smart investment plan
Flexible, automated savings
Investment recommendations
Trade execution
Portfolio monitoring dashboard
Portfolio review & action plan
Annual plan review & update
Access to a team of advisors
Investor education & tips
Portfolio rebalancing
Automated trade execution
Automated portfolio review & rebalancing
Multiple plans
Price/Annum From ₦5,000 From ₦9,000
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Pricing information

A sign up fee of ₦5,000 or 1% of your planned annual savings entitles you to professional implementation of your investment plan for one year. And includes security recommendations and trade execution everytime you save, as well as expert portfolio management. We also charge an annual performance fee (or when you make a sale) of 10% of total gains on your portfolio for the preceding annual investment cycle. For any year where no performance fee is due, we bill a service charge of ₦2,500 only.

What this means is that you pay us to implement your investment plan on a yearly basis:

  1. a one-off sign up fee to start with, and
  2. a performance fee for when we help you invest profitably or a service charge covering your continuing usage of our product.

The performance fee ensures that we only charge for the results we help you achieve. If we don't deliver value in terms of absolute gains on your portfolio for the preceding year, this charge doesn’t apply for that year. Note that this fee has a built in hurdle rate we must surpass every year as your portfolio continues to grow.

This represents great value for your money, as you only pay for the gains we help you achieve in the particular year the increase occurs. When that year passes, it's gone!. We don't charge a flat fee based on your cumulative assets which is the global industry norm.

Our pricing represents much better value than incurring a fee that is based on a fixed percentage of your assets every year. Where you keep paying on assets you've been charged for in previous years, and where you keep on paying whether or not your assets are growing.